Christmas poems

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Christmas Perspectives

Glittering baubles, tinsel and lights

Sparkling colours brighten the nights.

Neatly wrapped gifts, topped each with a bow

Wreaths adorning doors with holly and mistletoe.

Stars shine atop each resplendent pine tree

While turkey and stuffing are fixed for family.

A festive spirit seems to pervade the air

As for Christmas Day each now does prepare.


Christmas soon dawns and with such a flurry

The day begins and all happens in a hurry.

Gifts are eagerly opened, then feasting and mirth

But little thought is given to Jesus and His birth.

This Child born long ago is given no place

As the day races by at a dizzying pace.

Why such preparation for a day so soon past

But no thought for eternity, that which will last?


How have you prepared for a time yet to be

When before the Creator each will bow the knee?

When account is given for all done on earth

What then will be found that has eternal worth?

The pleasures on earth will there seem as naught.

Trees, baubles and wreaths will be given no thought.

Jesus Christ in that day will have full attention.

No other name will be worthy of mention.


How much of this life will then only bring regret?

How much in that day would we wish to forget?

How much of our labours will bring no reward

When we stand before Jesus, our Maker and Lord?

This Jesus who was born in a meek, lowly way

God incarnate there in a manger lay.

The Saviour, Christ the Lord, was He named.

Prince of Peace, Immanuel before proclaimed.


Jesus Christ who, though sinless, came to die

Sacrificing Himself freely for you and I.

Giving His life as a ransom for sin

Allowing repentant sinners to now enter in

To eternal life in His Heaven above

All offered as a gift of His unfailing love.

But this gift each one must now receive

Coming to Christ in faith to believe.


Thus, when we each come to judgement day

No one will boast when given their say

For only because of faith will any find grace

To then enter God’s eternal dwelling place.

And that which was done of eternal worth

While labouring here for our Lord on the earth

Will receive reward at His judgement seat

Which rewards we will gladly return at His feet.


By Judith Searle 2019


Only a Stranger

What baby is this who safely lay
Upon a manger bed of hay
While angels announce that blessed day?
“Only a stranger,” you say.
What infant is this who wise men greet
And lay rich gifts at His feet;
Travelling far this King to meet?
“Only a stranger,” you say.
What child is this who in stature grew
Being in favour with all He knew;
Honouring God, the Holy and True?
“Only a stranger,” you say.
What young lad is this sitting there
With the doctors able to share;
Amazing all with His knowledge rare?
“Only a stranger,” you say.
What young man is this, the carpenter’s son,
Working the trade His father begun;
Labouring long until the work is all done?
“Only a stranger,” you say.
What man is this in sorrow now
Thorns pressed cruelly on His brow
While the onlookers mock and scowl?
“Only a stranger,” you say.
What body is this carefully laid
In a rich man’s tomb freshly made;
Leaving His disciples confused and afraid?
“Only a stranger,” you say.
What stranger is this on the road
Hearing two disciples share their load
Opening the Scriptures while their footsteps slowed?
“Was He truly a stranger?” you say.
But no, oh how their hearts did burn
And quickly their joy did return
As the truth they came to learn.
“Not a stranger,” they say.
What Saviour is this who conquered the grave
Rising again lost souls to save
Eternal life He victoriously gave?
“Only a stranger,” you say.
Before this Christmas comes to an end
Think upon this One whom God did send
Find Him to be your closest Friend.
“No longer a stranger,” now say.
Based upon Luke 24:13 – 35
“And it came to pass, that, while they communed together and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near, and went with them….And the one of them, whose name was Cleopas… said unto him, Art thou only a stranger in Jerusalem, and hast not known the things which are come to pass there in these days?” (verses 15,18)
By Judith Searle

Peace on Earth 

“Peace on Earth and good will,”
At these words the sky did fill
With a glorious angelic show
In the view of shepherds long ago.
And this message does resound
As each Christmas comes around.
Peace and joy define the season
Although few may know the reason.
Is there truly peace on earth
Since the time of Jesus’ birth?
Was Christ the promised Prince of Peace
In whose name all wars would cease?
Or was this promise falsely made?
Surely the likelihood of peace does fade.
Each year simply brings more unrest –
Great turmoil and troubles molest.
Did the angels make a mistake?
Or was the announcement somehow a fake?
Is this “Peace” a fanciful dream?
From all appearance so it would seem!
But surely this cannot be so.
Jesus was the Messiah we know.
He did come as King of the Jews
But His reign they did refuse.
Born of royal blood and royal line
An easterly star provided a sign
For Wise Men to follow to His birth
And present their gifts of Kingly worth.
Later riding upon a colt He came,
As the onlookers blessed His name,
Into Jerusalem with a welcome grand
Palm branches waving from many a hand.
Yet this glad triumphant tune
Turned to bitter mocking soon
As these people He came to rule
Rejected Him with anger cruel.
“Away with Him,” is what they cried.
“Let this Jesus be crucified.
We want Him not as our King.”
Thus a reign of peace He could not bring.
“What about peace?” may we now say
As we contemplate this Christmas Day.
Did the angels sing for naught
Of a peace long since then sought?
It’s true that peace on a global scale
Is unlikely to prevail
On the earth until Jesus again
Comes back to rule over all men.
However, peace is possible for each one
Who believes that Jesus Christ the Son
Died on the cross as part of God’s plan
To reconcile sinful man.
Instead of guilt, fear and shame
Within our hearts peace can reign.
When we accept the gift offered free
Of a home in heaven for eternity.
Peace with God will then be ours
And the Holy Spirit our heart will house.
The peace He gives will not fail
Even though trial and war prevail.
So with this greeting we do pray
That peace be yours this Christmas Day.
A peace that none else can bring
But Jesus Christ the Heaven-sent King.
By Judith Searle 2017

A Lamb Slain 

In the glory of eternity past
The triune, self-existent LORD
Dwelt outside of time and space
In fellowship and sweet accord.

A plan then formed in the mind of God,
His greatness henceforth to share.
He would create a place of beauty,
A masterpiece beyond compare.
His creation would be of great expanse
With wonders of assorted size.
It would also be full of light and loveliness;
To bring pleasure to the eyes.
What diversity He would create!
However the pinnacle of His plan,
Was to bring Him most pleasure –
A creation that He would call “man”.
“Let us create man in our own image.
In our own likeness he will be.
We will make him a living soul
That will dwell for all eternity.”
This human being would be unique;
With incredible intellect and free choice.
He would have fellowship with God
And communicate with a voice.
Thus as creation’s plan did unfold
A note of sadness filled the air.
God knew where man’s choice would lead
And the heartache He would bear.
The Father looked upon His Son
And saw the Lamb to be slain.
The cost of man’s redemption
Would require sacrifice and pain.
“My own dear Son are you willing
To leave the beauty of our abode?
To be veiled in human flesh
And walk a mortal’s road?
“From these glorious ivory palaces
You will be placed in a virgin’s womb.
Then to be born in a humble stable
Because elsewhere will be found no room.
“Your birth will be poorly attended
Only a few will heed the good news.
Although the angels will declare it
Their message most will refuse.
“Few will see you as Immanuel.
Most will mock, scorn and jeer.
Although you will preach the truth
The majority will shut their ear.
“And then, my Son, you will die,
Condemned by Your own creation.
You will bear the sin of all mankind
To bring to them Salvation.”
Thus in silent contemplation
God the Son paused to decide.
The immensity of such a decision
By none could be denied.
Although one fails to comprehend
The decision Christ then made,
We now come with praise and thankfulness
That for all man’s sin He paid.

Judith Searle 2012

A Star of Significance 

The star is a symbol frequently seen
During the Christmas season.
Yet what does this emblem mean?
Do people know its reason?
The star’s significance is recorded
By Matthew in the Word of God.
He tells how it afforded
Guidance in the time of Herod.
Eastern wise men studying the night sky
Saw this phenomenon most rare.
They knew this star that caught their eye
Had importance beyond compare.
They understood that a King had been born
Who was worthy of worship and awe.
So from afar they were drawn
By the new star that they saw.
Clearly the meaning of such an event
Weighed heavily on their mind
As they packed their things and went,
The King of the Jews to find.
Who knows how many they told
As they journeyed on their way
But men’s hearts seemed to have been cold
To the truth of what they did say.
Why did others not follow the star?
Did they not know the prophecy?
Were they not awaiting the Messiah?
Surely the star they too did see!
I am sure that the wise men defended
The uniqueness of their find
Yet Jesus’ birth was poorly attended
By self-focused humankind.
They alone found the Promised One
By following the guiding light.
They presented their gifts to God’s Son
And experienced true joy that night.
Sadly, people have not changed in our age,
And although the Gospel light they see
Many stubbornly refuse to pay homage
To the God of eternity.
Even though there are signs all around
And many prophecies proven true,
Mockers and scoffers do abound
But genuine seekers are few.
So, as Christmas time comes this year again
Will you truly consider anew,
The story of the wise men
And what Christ means to you?

By Judith Searle 2011

Christmas Expectation 

The anticipation rises as nears the day.
Eager eyes watch the time pass away.
Eager hands prepare presents and treats.
Eager mouths water over puddings and sweets.
Eager noses smell hot turkey roast.
Eager minds plan what they like most.
Eager children spy gifts under a tree.
Eager adults await the arrival of family.
Indeed, Christmas Day brings eager expectation
In homes and lives throughout our nation.
Yet this expectation does but dim
In comparison to that of Simeon.
To this devout man it was made known
That the Messiah to him would be shown.
He knew with assurance that he would not die
Until on the Lord’s Christ he cast his eye.
How he would have awaited with eager face
The greatest event that ever took place.
Indeed, what joy Simeon knew
When God’s promise to Him finally came true.
So this Christmas time while most people await
The temporal pleasures that accompany the date,
May you instead be as Simeon of old
And onto a greater confidence hold.
May your expectation and fervent hope be
In that which will last for eternity
And may you with joy anticipate the day
When this world with its sorrow will pass away.
Indeed, you too will then look upon the face
Of the one who offers salvation by His grace.
By Judith Searle 2009

Consider Him This Christmas 

This Christmas time consider Him
Whose birth we celebrate.
Consider Him as your God
Who divided a portion with the great.
Yet also as a Man of Sorrows
Who endured man’s mocking and hate.
Consider Him who in the form of God
Took a servant’s place.
Who did all that pleased the Father
Yet men scorn His offer of grace.
Consider Him who angels worshipped
But men spat upon His face.
Consider Him who left the Shekinah glory
And His Father’s throne on high;
Away from the inconceivable beauty
Of His glorious home in the sky.
Leaving the unbroken fellowship
To be forsaken and to die.
Consider Him who fasted and wept
Although He was the Living Bread.
Who also as the Water of Life
In agony, “I thirst,” He said.
Consider Him who possessed all things
Yet had nowhere to lay His head.
Consider the babe in Bethlehem,
Although He was born so long ago,
He still holds the only answer
To man’s sorrows, fears and woe.
Do you this Christmas time
Him as your Saviour know?

By Judith Searle 2008

Could This Be Your Last Christmas? 


Christmas time has come once more,
As another year rolls past.
Will this one be as those before,
Or could this Christmas be your last?
A melancholy thought you say
For such a happy time of year.
And yet, my friend, I hope and pray
That this message brings you cheer.
For the true joy of the season
Is the hope of life ahead.
To save the lost was the reason
Christ lay in a manger bed.
So many now disregard
The good news of Christ’s birth.
Man’s heart has become so hard
Here and throughout the whole earth.
The Lord has numbered our days.
This Age of Grace will soon end.
Will you consider your ways,
And look to Jesus, my friend?
In Him alone you can know
That if this Christmas were your last
Then your soul to heaven would go
And all earth’s sorrow would be past.
Please harken to this good news –
The Gospel of Christ, God’s Son.
Why would you your precious soul lose
By rejecting what Christ has done?
Don’t let Satan convince you
To wait for another day.
Before this Christmas time is through
Come to Jesus Christ while you may.
By Judith Searle 2010

Holy Nativity


Christmas time is here once more,
As a quick look around does show.
Lights, displays and decorations galore;
Christmas cheer everywhere you go.
Many a display has my eyes allured
As I sought for a scene most dear.
In some I found it in a place obscured,
But in others it did not even appear.
Where is that lowly resting place?
That stable, humble and bare?
Where is a mother’s smiling face
And the worshippers that gathered there?
Has Christ been removed from the season
That bears His own name?
Can people really have forgotten the reason
Why to earth the Saviour came?
Do they think that Santa’s giving
Could surpass that of God on high,
Who sent His Son among the living
To on a cruel cross die?
Why have people forgotten this birth
That offers eternal life to everyone?
How can they seek peace on this earth
If it’s not through God’s own Son?
So, with a challenge let me conclude
For all those who this message hear.
Let’s restore that nativity, poor and rude,
To central prominence this year.
By Judith Searle

No Christ In Christmas 


If there was no Christ in Christmas,
What cause would there be to sing?
No angel refrain to repeat
Hailing the birth of a King.
No peace on earth, good will to men
Or bright star above the stall.
No gifts of gold, myrrh, frankincense;
No story to tell at all.
Why give gifts if the greatest gift
Was not by God given first?
What cause is there to celebrate
In a world that’s still sin-cursed?
If you take Christ from the season
There is no freedom from sin.
No hope for this world or the next
If Christ’s birth is not left in.
However, Christ’s birth did occur.
He can save us from our fate.
Eternal life is ours in Him –
This is cause to celebrate!
By Judith Searle

The Christmas Star 


Atop the Christmas tree would seem bare
If a star were not placed there.
A pretty decoration this may be
But what does this star mean to me?
More than two thousand years ago
A significant star began to glow.
Wise men rejoiced to see this star
And willingly they traveled afar,
For a King was born they now knew
Whose birth they awaited to come true.
Such a birth was gloriously foretold
By many of the prophets of old.
“King of the Jews” He was named
And angles His birth proclaimed.
The men followed on to Bethlehem
As the star faithfully led them.
And, what precision, it showed them the place
Where they saw the King, face to face.
Although regal apparel He did not wear
And the place where He stayed was notably bare,
They did not doubt that this was whom they sought
And they gave Him the lavish gifts they brought.
They worshipped Him and they adored
This babe who was Christ the Lord.
Although this star is no longer in the sky,
We know that Jesus came and He did die.
He was the King despite His humble birth
And He will still one day rule the earth.
He came then sin’s punishment to pay.
By His shameful death He made a way
To reconcile a sinful, fallen race
To their maker, by His grace.
So, will you like the wise men be -
Eager Jesus to know and to see?
Will you worship Him as your Lord?
Is His name by you adored?
May the star atop your Christmas tree
Lead you to the King eternally.
By Judith Searle 2007

To Seek and To Save


For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.
Luke 19:10
In a manger a baby lay,
Whose birth we celebrate on Christmas day.
Born in a stable because in an Inn,
There could be found no room for Him.
This babe was Jesus Christ, God's Son,
The Messiah, the Promised One.
Who came to earth as the Son of Man,
To fulfil God's part in the redemption plan.
To seek and to save was why He came,
To die on a cross in agony and shame.
Only through Christ dying and rising again, 
Could new life be given to sinful men.
So this Christmas time amongst all the mirth,
May we not be as the Innkeeper at Christ's birth.
Instead may we remember the babe who in a manger lay,
And why He was born that glorious day.
By Judith Searle

A Christmas Gift 

Look beneath your Christmas tree
What is it that you there see?
Are there gifts piled up high
To bring a sparkle to your eye?
Or is that space sadly bare
For you have only little to share?
No matter what your answer be
A Christmas gift awaiteth thee.

This gift is one of great worth
And came in the form of the lowly birth
Of the Messiah, which was foretold
By the godly prophets of old.
God’s own dear Son on earth was born
Upon that first Christmas morn.
Such a birth we now recall
For it is a special gift to all.

This gift which God did give
Provided a way that man might live
For eternity in heaven so fair
With the angels singing there.
For each of us deserves Hell’s distress
Because of our vile sinfulness.
But Christ was born to pay sin’s price
By offering His life as a sacrifice.

So, when you look beneath that tree
Remember the gift offered thee;
Wrapped with mercy and with love,
Presented by the Father above.
Accept God’s gift offered you,
And experience life anew.
What better Christmas gift could one give
Than forever with Christ to live?

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

By Judith Searle

A Special Birth

I was passing through the shopping mall,
Now brightly decorated with red and green.
Bells and bows hang from trees so tall
And displayed in a window is the manger scene.
A group of shepherds fill the space,
With cows, donkeys and some sheep.
There’s Mary and Joseph, with beaming face.
Eyes all focused on a baby asleep.
Why such attention given to this birth
Occurring in such a humble, meagre place?
With all of the baby’s born on earth
What was so special in this case?

The shepherds in the scene standing by
Knew this baby to be unique.
They had seen angels fill the sky.
Their words led them the child to seek.
They sang of peace and good will
And told tidings of joy exceeding.
A Saviour was born, the Scriptures to fulfil,
They found Him, according to the angel’s leading.
In the City of David, in a manger bare,
Wrapped in swaddling clothes so poor,
Christ the Lord was lying there.
He was the Saviour they were sure.

So why such a lowly birthplace
For One of Whom the angels’ sing?
It was all because of God’s grace
That Christ came not as a King.
This humble birth was to prelude
A life of rejection and scorn
And then, as the Psalmist did allude,
His hands and feet were torn.
For no crime He was crucified
And by the Father He was forsaken.
There between transgressors He died
And to a tomb His body was taken.

Thankfully in the tomb He did not stay
But proved Himself to be God’s Son.
He rose again the third day;
Over death the victory He won.
This is why He had to come to earth -
Eternal life He was to give.
For we cannot get to heaven by our own worth
But by faith in Christ we may live.
He came to die to pay sin’s price
So that death need not hold fear.
Please, look not lightly on Christ’s sacrifice
When you celebrate Christmas this year.

By Judith Searle

Born To Die

"Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many." Matthew 20:28

Amidst the festivities,
The laughter and joys.
Amidst the presents,
The decorations and toys.
Amidst the reunions,
The carols and talk.
Amidst the plum pudding,
The turkey and pork.
Amidst all of those things
That comprise the season,
Ensure that you reflect
On Christmas’ real reason.

For on this day we recall
The birth of a King,
Who would live His human life
In humility and suffering.
This King was Jesus Christ,
The Son of the Most High,
Who came to earth to save sinners
And was born so that He might die.

By Judith Searle 2000

Christmas Greeting

This greeting now comes your way
With good wishes and a prayer,
That you may have a blessed Christmas day
As God’s gift of love you share.
May the Christmas message ring
From within hearts of joy;
Proclaiming how our gracious King
Came to earth as a humble boy.
And may you know God’s wondrous peace
Within the new year ahead;
That His blessings may not cease,
As by Him you’re daily led.

By Judith Searle 2006

Gaze in Wonder


Let us for a moment

Place in our mind’s eye

The image of the cross

On which Christ did die.

Gaze on it with wonder;

Stop and meditate.

See the form there clearly;

Look and contemplate. 


Stare closely at the cross;

What details come to you?

Can you see a body

In your field of view?

Beaten, broken, bleeding,

His strength failing fast,

Hanging in agony,

Soon to breathe His last.


Do you look on this scene

And feel grieved within?

Do you believe that Christ

Died there for your sin?

What sacrifice He made!

What love there was shown!

Why do men hide their face

And the Lord disown?


Does this scene bring you peace?

Knowing that in love

Christ did reconcile us

To our God above.

He made a way for us

To enter Heaven’s rest

And through His righteousness

We’ll be forever blessed.



Oh what joy the cross brings

To those who understand

That before the world was

Its purpose was planned.

For God would not leave us

Without hope and lost

But for redemption

Christ’s blood would be the cost.


Does the cross show anything

To you on this day?

Would you gaze upon it

Then hasten on your way?

Would you forget quickly

The image there seen?

Not wanting to accept

What Christ’s death does mean.


Oh be not self-deceived

But linger awhile still.

See how victory was gained

According to God’s will.

For Christ’s no longer dead –

He arose again!

He lives to intercede

On behalf of men.


May the cross be precious

To your mind and heart.

May its blessed message

From you not depart.

Let it now and ever

Bring you joy and peace.

From its contemplation

May you never cease.


By Judith Searle 2012


One Thought For Christ


That time of year is here again;

How quickly it comes around!

Time off work, a long weekend;

How wonderful it all does sound.

A game of sport or a visit with friends

Or just time to relax and unwind.

Good Friday comes and swiftly ends

And amidst it all you may find:

Not one thought for Christ today.


Oh, maybe you to church did go

As is tradition this time of year.

You sung part of a hymn you know

And sat back the message to hear.

But when the service came to a close

What of the message did you recall?

Did you hear that Christ died and arose?

Were your thoughts turned to Christ at all?

Not one thought for Christ today.


Maybe you ate a hot cross bun

As you would any other meal.

But did you think of God’s Son,

And how your indifference makes Him feel?

He who left His glorious state

And took upon Himself the likeness of men.

Who lived as a servant, facing men’s hate,

Preaching the only way to get to heaven.

Not one thought for Christ today.


Many believed Him and His word,

Seeing His miracles and love He gave.

But others rejected what they heard

And refused to believe His power to save.

With cruel hands, in envy and hatred,

With false witness He was tried.

Bruised and beaten, to Calvary led

And among transgressors He was crucified.

Not one thought for Christ today.


Of His agony, we can never know,

As He became a sacrifice for us.

What love for sinners He did show,

As willingly He suffered thus.

The crowd around did mock and stare

But it was for them He died.

Only love could have kept Him there

As, “Forgive them Father,” He cried.

Not one thought for Christ today.


Oh, you who these words hear,

How does knowing this make you feel?

Will you ignore, or mock, or jeer?

Or will you humbly before Him kneel?

Think on that sacrifice made.

Confess your sin and to Him pray.

For you sin’s price He paid;

Give a thought for Christ today.


By Judith Searle

The Contemplation of Mary

“But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19
Carefully the child I do lay
Upon His bed of simple hay.
Perfect in shape and size;
With bright, shining eyes,
Tiny hands, well-formed toes,
Endearing ears and button nose.
Oh miraculous child divine!
I dare not claim Thee as mine.
Son of the Highest Thou art.
Who am I to have played a part?
Yet in my womb He has grown
Although no man I have known.
How will Joseph and I provide?
Will all the babe’s needs be supplied?
How can our humble lives intertwine,
With the life of One Divine?
Yet the Almighty made this choice
And in His plan I do rejoice.
Now here He rests in unknown stall.
Helpless, innocent and small.
Yes, angels did His birth declare;
These glad tidings they did share.
But to whom did this sight appear?
Only lowly shepherds gathered near.
How will His coming be fully shown?
When will His glory to all be known?
Surely God’s Son deserves more than this.
Truly something must be amiss!
Yet, what is it that I expected?
Certainly not that He be neglected.
Could the miracle of Jesus’ birth
And His presence here on earth
Mean so little to mankind
That in this birth they would not find
A reason to in thankfulness bring
Their hearts and lives to the King?
Certainly Mary could thus have thought
After the news the shepherds brought?
Moreover what would she think today
If she lived to witness the way
People continue to be the same
In caring not that Jesus came?
So, this Christmas time may it not be
That you overlook the Nativity.
Give the Saviour His rightful place
And His Salvation now embrace.
Think of the great sacrifice He made
When in that manger He was laid.
By Judith Searle 2014

Whom Say Ye That I Am?

He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. Matthew 16:15-16

God came to Mary, a virgin most fair;
Faithful daughter of the Jewish race,
Miraculous tidings to declare –
Oh, joyous gift of God’s grace!

She would conceive and bear a son
Although she was as yet unwed.
The child would be a special One
Whose birth was long expected.

The prophets had oft foretold
Of a coming, glorious King.
All authority He would hold
And peace to earth He would bring.

He would come of David’s seed
With the right to the throne.
In the book of Micah we do read
That His birthplace was foreknown.

Coming from the tribe of Judah
He would be called a Nazarene,
Blessed of God, Deliverer,
The One who has always been.

In time Mary’s miraculous son,
Chosen Redeemer from the fall,
Did in great humility come
To be born in a simple stall.

Angels did this birth proclaim
To shepherds watching on a hill.
Emmanuel would be His name –
Bringer of peace and goodwill.

The Messiah was expected.
Every prophecy the Jews knew.
But Jesus’ birth was neglected
By all but a select few.

In Joseph’s home He came to age
Learning the carpenter’s trade.
Earning but a modest wage,
Little heed to Him was paid.

Then in due time, as the Spirit led,
His foreordained ministry started,
Of freeing the captive, raising the dead
And healing the broken hearted.

He went about doing unmatched good
And many heard the things He said.
Although few really understood
And others were soon offended.

Scores said He was a “noble man”.
“A worker of miracles” some express.
Others perceived “a prophet raised again” - 
John the Baptist or Elias.

“But Whom say ye that I am?” Christ said.
This question He searchingly did impart.
But Simon Peter boldly answered,
“The Christ, the Son of God, Thou art.”

So in this time in which we live
The question remains the same.
What answer do you now give?
What say you to Jesus’ claim?

Do you accept Him as Messiah –
The Saviour and Living Word?
Or do you say He is a liar
And mock the truth you’ve heard?

What will your reply to this question be?
What answer to Christ do you now give?
Your decision will determine in eternity
Whether you forever die or live.

On the throne of David, Christ will reign
And by the ransomed He’ll be adored.
For Jesus will soon come again
And every tongue will call Him Lord.

By Judith Searle 2015


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